Product Lines

Automotive Seat Rails

The rails of the NS2020 Family compose a complete product range, with wide application to the automotive seat systems. It is a modular product, with easy adjustment to new projects, high durability, reliability and safety, designed with high strength steels.

Complete Automotive Seat

Besides the automotive rails, Neo Steel has equipment and processes for the manufacturing of complete automotive seat systems, according to the customers specifications. From press shop, to the recliner and sub-sets assembly, to the final set assembling.

Stamped and welded components for automotive seat systems

NEO STEEL can supply with excellence, sub-sets and components for the automotive seat systems (front and rear), aiming the final assembling at the customer´s facility.

Stamped and welded parts and assemblies in general

Due the wide productive capacity and flexibility in the processes, Neo Steel can offer products of diverse geometries and complexities to the customers of several economic segments, with the assurance of quality and competitiveness of the products.

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